Food Network California Adventure

Wow have we been keeping the biggest secret!

In October, we (Rebeca and Aura) loaded a plane in Charleston and took off for California.

This adventure began a few weeks before when the Food Network reached out to us as potential participants on their new show, Winner Cake All.

The following weeks were a whirlwind as we submitted a cake for the selection process, Rebeca trained in the kitchen with a Bakery Bootcamp, and together, we prepared the shop for us to be out of the office.

Our California adventure began with Rebeca losing her license. We then proceeded to board a plane (Rebeca, license-less) and take off to LAX.

We’re excited to spend the next few weeks sharing all of the details about this journey from our competition, our incredible co-participants, the beautiful views, and the many hilarious stories.

IMG_20181022_073941 2.jpg
IMG_20181022_215525 2.jpg

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And, make sure to tune in to The Food Network, March 4th at 10PM as we compete on Winner Cake All!