We Went To The Olympics

Hey Kate!

My name is Casey, and I'm casting the Food Networks Winner Cake All!

We're looking for versatile bakers and pastry chefs to apply.

If anyone over at Pink Pineapple is interested in learning more about the opportunities, they can shoot me an email or give me a call.”

And that is how it all began. One simple e-mail that we replied to with please proof to us that you are real, the next e-mail was a confirmation of their legitimacy and a request for us to send in an application and audition video. Which you can find below.

What followed next was months of excitement and anticipation. All the juicy details we know you want to hear. It was like nothing we have experienced before. We would get a call that said we were on to the next level of choices and then not hear anything for weeks. The longest we ever went without hearing was after our cake audition…

We received a call from California on a Tuesday evening informing us that we had to produce a 3D carved cake based on a superhero by Thursday to present to The Food Network producers via skype. I’m sure you have seen our very own Penelopi the Pineapple around social media but here she is….. ( We will write about her and what she means to us on a later blog)

Penelopi The Pineapple. Lady Boss. Warrior Princess

After that Thursday Skype interview we went seven. Yes SEVEN weeks without hearing anything. All we knew was that if we were chosen there was a window of time during which we would need to board a plane to California and shoot an episode.

The call finally cake seven weeks later while Rebeca was playing put put golf with her babies. “Hello we are just calling to confirm final dates for the episode shoot.” That was it that is how we were told  so simply.

We where to board a plane on October 18th (Rebeca’s 30th birthday ) and take a trip of a lifetime full of adventure and fun stories which we will be sharing on other blogs.

As we look back on the opportunity now we realize how special our team is and how amazing it is that we were cast. While in California we were told that thousands of people applied for the show. To sit on a hill in Palos Verde California eating lunch with 3 other teams and realize that out of the thousands your team was chosen for an episode is a feeling we will never forget.

The closest thing we have to it is the Olympics,out of thousands of people in your sport you where one of the few chosen to represent at the games and whether you placed on the winners blocks or didn’t you made it all the way to the BIG GAMES.

Now that is something to be proud of and to keep tucked away in your memory.