We have been receiving the same question in our inbox since Christmas.

What is a Pop Up Shop?

 But first let’s start with a little history. Back in the day… ( just kidding, like 3 years ago) Pink Pineapple used to be a full service bakery and cafe!!! Can you believe it!!!


For those who knew us as a full service cafe our becoming by appointment only was a HUGE bummer and we started receiving emails about how much they missed us.

Everywhere you read, it says listen to your clients, listen to their needs. So on a Thursday marketing meeting as we discussed the holiday season to come. The idea of opening the store again for the Holidays became an obvious answer.


We decided that since we already have the infrastructure and the memory of a shop here, why not Pop Up in our own store. Dates were set, products were made and we set to open Pink Pineapple’s first ever Pop Up shop for Christmas!


Ya’ll loved the idea so much that we re-opened for Valentines day.

We love being open for these special occasions and it has been amazing to see our faithful customers be able to come in, say hello and shop after almost three years. We are so honored to be able to provide these Pop Ups and look forward to doing them more often.

and remember whenever you see this logo on social media you know that a pop up is coming soon!!!

pop up shop