Thank You Florence

Thanking a hurricane is not something that is common, and although hurricane Florence caused a lot of trouble for many it led us towards being able to spend one amazing weekend together as a #DreamTeam.

You see when the evacuation notices hit, we left early in the morning and headed to Miami. With bated breath we drove hoping everything would be alright. Three days into our “Flocation” as we began to name it, Chef started missing the bakery. She declared one day “Today we will find cake shops and check them out.”  After a quick google search we had a plan. One of the stores we visited was Sweet Life Cake and Candy Supply. We took so many pictures and we were in HEAVEN!!!!

During our visit we were told about SOFLO, we put it in our calendars and walked out of the store giddy with excitement.

Fast forward 7 months, we were able to make the Dream Come True for Chef Aura. As you all know we do Girl’s Nights Out with our Team. This was our first ever Team Trip and boy did we have a great time.

We took off on Friday morning at 5am…yes you read that right. We drove all day and made it to Miami at 4pm. Seriously, we know how to travel. The whole way down we worked, had car dance parties, and laughed a whole lot.

The next morning you could feel the excitement as we got ready. We drove to the Convention Center and oh boy. As we saw the banners and the Sprinkle Jeep we all had butterflies. The line to get in was Disney Magic long but totally worth it.

Once inside the number of booths, sprinkles, paints, frosting, tools, and demos was breathtaking. We walked until our feet hurt, and then we walked some more. The whole time Chef Aura and Aaliyah had the greatest smiles on their faces.

They got to meet some of their Cake Hero’s. Kate and I felt like Fairy God mothers as we approved purchases and watched them walk around a Cake Artists Heaven.

I can’t truly put into words the joy to have been able to do this for our Team. The weekend included a trip to the Miami Zoo and making Kates dream of feeding a giraffe come true. Followed by jumping into the most cool and delicious lake.

When I am asked what my favorite part of owning a business is ,my answer surprises people. Yes I love the cakes, yes I love the office, but what I LOVE the most is my team and our supporting staff, being a part of their lives, making small dreams come true, and being able to give them value in more ways than just a paycheck.