Dear Richard,


First, I miss you so much.

I think about you almost daily.

I wish you could see what the company is now.

I had a memory come up on Facebook yesterday.


First time ever on TV. If you would have told me then we would end up flying to California to shoot an episode of a food network television show. I would have laughed at that unrealistic dream.

But alas we did.

If I could just write a list of all that has been accomplished since that very day. Richard Brooks you would be so proud.

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I clearly remember your pride that day. I came back to the store to find you sitting in your normal chair smile brimming from ear to ear.



From day one, in our first storefront you where there. You taught me how to do an excel spreadsheet, how to price our products, how to run and read profit and loss statements. You could have easily let me log into QuickBooks and figure it out but nope you made me learn it without the help of a program. You said I had to learn the “why and the how of the details”

Every day for 6 hours a day you sat next to me. Filling taxes? You where there, handling customers? You where there, placing orders and tracking inventory? You where there.

And you stayed there for the next 3 years. You stayed until the day we lost you.

You where my biggest cheerleader, and the one that pushed me past my comfort zone, handed me tissues when I cried, and broke into prayer regardless of what we where doing when we needed it.

One of my favorite things you used to say when we got busy was “Look at it’s almost like you are a real business” we are 4 years removed from the last time you sat in your chair next to me and looking back at all that we have accomplished makes me teary eyed with the pride I know you would be feeling.

We changed the business to by appointment only placing our family first.

We have an incredible social media presence that you would not understand but would be proud of

We competed on The Food Network

We have been on local television countless times

We budget monthly

Our profit and loss started showing profits

I can do everything you taught me in a three-hour block and daily 14 minutes segments

We have made cakes that would make you go wow

We have systems and processes that run the entire company

Our onboarding process for customers would make you want more coffee in a good way

We have built an incredible company that is known not only for its cakes but for our bright and jubilant personality



You would love what we have become, always striving to make us better off course because that is what you did. And I love you so much for it.


Thank you for your patience, kindness, tough love, and believe in me when I was just a little baby entrepreneur.



Love You

Your number 1 Grand

Look in the Mirror, What Do You See!

Last week I attended Rachel Hollis’ Rise Weekend.

Rise Dallas CEO of Pink Pineapple Rebeca Kipp

I was only able to attend for one day out of the three-day conference.

But within the first 30 minutes my life had changed forever.

I attended Embrace your Present a Health and Wellness day. Rachel Hollis started the day by giving us The 10 Body Commandments.

Commandment number 5 was

“You shall compliment something about yourself EVERY TIME you look in the Mirror”



She told us it would be hard, she said of all the 10 this one was one of the hardest. She didn’t lie.

That very same day I went to the bathroom countless times and walked by a mirror.

Did I stop? Did I look at myself?

The answer is no.

As I lay in bed that night completely overwhelmed with emotions and processing everything, I learned that day one thought crossed my mind.

I am completely invisible to myself.

How did I walk past probably 30 mirrors that day and not see my own reflection?

I couldn’t wait. I got home and stood in front of my mirror in my closet. Josh probably thought I was crazy, I stood there for probably 30 minutes.

Looking at myself.

Looking at my face, my arms, legs, tummy, stretch marks, back, all of it. I took it all in slightly terrified and I forced myself.

What do I see?


I had not looked at myself in 4 years. After Christopher was born, I remember doing the same thing but instead I was looking at the body of a freaking beast! I remember being so extremely proud of it. Of how it grew a healthy human, of how my legs and feet carried all that weight, of how it was slowly but surely healing and finding it’s new normal. I remember feeling the stretch marks and knowing they where hard won.

But this day I was looking at a shell, just an outer skin. I saw a tired body, unkempt from lack of exercise and spark. My skin looked duller, my face more worn, my eyes seemed to be so far removed from my spirit and who I am.

But finally, I forced myself, I looked until I couldn’t look anymore and decided I had to find one thing.

Just one.

What did I see?

My shoulders!

My untouched sun kissed shoulders.

Then I took it a step further. Why do you like them, what do they do? The only thing that came to my mind is “well they are my babies chin rests” When I carry my children that is where they place their heads, and I can hear their soft breath in my ears, and I love it. I love that I am strong enough to be able to hold them. And that my shoulders are a place that my children find comfort.

So I in turn as you the same thing, what do you see in the mirror? What part of your body would you see as beautiful? What part of your body are you proud of? If you stand in front of the mirror and see something amazing post it in the comments. And believe me you will.

Dear Josh, Happy Father’s Day

Hoorah it’s your day!

I have been thinking about what to write and I kept coming back to this very thought. Thank you for being an amazing husband and dad. From the moment Christopher was born and you held him in your arms you where hooked.

I saw it through your tears that day. Becoming a dad lit a fire in your heart you didn’t know existed. Then came Anna, you had the same emotion. But watching you hold her on your lap with tears streaming down your face as we finally chose her name is a memory that is forever etched into my heart.

You are an amazing dad, and all too often I am reminded of that by other moms whose husbands are not as involved.

Which brought me to my next stream of thought. You are an exceptional husband. Pastor Riddle often said a great dad was first a great husband. Everyone knows that the center of a household is the mom. We have all heard if momma’s not happy aint nobody happy. There is research upon research that shows that children can innately feel and pick up on their moms’ emotions.

So, the truth is that by you being the exceptional husband you are in turn you are an EXCEPTIONAL dad.

Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to dream. Thank you for being my voice of reason, the shoulder to cry on, thank you for being my partner in crime, my laughter, and my dance partner.

In turn it makes you be the living jungle gym for the kids, it allows you to take care our baby’s needs, to bathe them, love them, sing about Jesus with them, and protect them with all you have.

Our children adore you; they look up to you, they respect you. I pray and hope with all my heart that Christopher will grow up to be a man like you. (I know that just terrified you a little but believe me he will make an AMAZING husband and father someday) I pray that Anna looks for the same qualities you display in the future love of her life.

And I know that as the years come, they will have you wisely guiding them through life and being available for each and every moment and need.

We love you so much and thank you for being the leader of our household.

Mommy you OWN a company?

I’ve owned a company for almost 8 years. Four of those I have had children. Is running a company easy?


add children to that mix and it makes the task seem enormous.

I am asked a lot about how I balance children, marriage, self-growth, and running a company. ( mainly by my staff who wonder how it all gets done) So I decided to sit down and share some of the most and sometimes painful lessons I have learned while being a momepreneur ( yes for those who are not millennials that is a real term)

1.       Set up your priorities.

Before kids’ life was easy. I literally only worried about my marriage, the business, and myself…Enter the two little bundles of joy and priorities went out of the window. I will admit with great pain that for several years I continued to push the business before the kids in some cases. I missed countless family Saturdays, dinner times, and holiday parties. All because mom had to be at the bakery. Yet there was a moment when suddenly something hit me. Kids come before the Business. (I know that sounds like a no brainer but thanks for the extension of grace) Once I sat down and made the decision that I would be a present and happy mom both my children and my business began to flourish. Go figure, right?

2.       Let your Yes be Yes, and your No be No.

One of the hardest pills I had to swallow was this one. Sitting down and making my decisions consciously was almost impossible for a people pleaser like myself. I want to be available for all who need me, but the truth is. I can’t be at EVERYTHING. I have to be completely solid and content with the opportunities, responsibilities, and projects I take on. If I say yes it’s because I have thought about it and it what you are asking for aligns with my priorities and time schedule. If I say no, first that was incredibly hard for me to do and secondly it’s because it simply did not align.

3.       Time management (enter sick emoji)

ok ladies….. with children…… is it just me or do our clocks NOT have 24 hours in them! Thanks to my new best friends Rachel Hollis and Chritsy Right I have learned that time management is not something you are born with, and it is definitely something that you have to practice and work on. It involves the 2 prior mentioned items. You have to schedule according to your priorities and be ok with sometimes saying no. For example, I only work every other Saturday. Sometimes no Saturdays, simply because those are family days. Reserved for cuddling and adventures with my husband and kids. I don’t work late hours at the store because it’s important for me to put my babies to bed and pray with them. I only got to networking events I want to go to, and I rarely work holidays because I rather be at home with my family having get together s.

4.       Let the kids be involved.

My children know exactly what I do, and they love that mom owns a business. They love that I am intentional when I’m with them, but they respect when it’s time for me to work because they have seen, felt, touched, and lived what mom does. Don’t be ashamed of what you do. For example…. It’s mothers day weekend. I am at work because we have three wedding deliveries. But I spent the entire morning with my babies. As I got ready to leave I told them there where three beautiful brides waiting for mommy’s cakes. My son got so excited and asked me to see pictures of the cakes. As I walked out he said “ Bye Mommy, go deliver the cakes to the pretty brides and we’ll meet you at the pool”

If you are a mom that runs a business welcome to the club of amazing women. If you are feeling guilt, it’s time to let it go. I wish I had said goodbye to guilt 3 years ago. Everything about my life is filled with so much joy and love now that I chose to follow these basic rules.

Thank you to all the Mommies that are and have been a part of our Pink Pineapple Family.

Mercedes Fuenmayor, Guillermina Fuenmayor, Beverly Jones, Heidi Hennen, Ashley Delval, Jamie Isabelle, Camille Bonnell.

And Off course my own mom Chef Aura!