How to make ordering your cake a BREEZE

Choosing your wedding cake design and ordering your cake should not be a traumatic experience.  We have sat down and pondered what really matters most about your cake and the ordering process. The way we see it, cake is art weddings are art. Everywhere you look at a wedding someone’s special artistic touch is being put on display.

Designing your cake should be enjoyable, it should not feel like a visit to the dentist. You can find some of our own tips below:

1.       Choose a cake designer you are comfortable with. This is key, if you don’t feel comfortable you won’t be happy, it is a perceived idea. Your mind is WAY more powerful than you give it credit for. Make sure you feel at ease with the staff, the designer, and the baker. Listen to your heart, and we meant it. Too many times cakes are designed and created, you can tell that there was not a good chemistry between the customer and the creative team. There is nothing worse than spending money on something you didn’t like.

Photo Credit: Michele Coleman

Photo Credit: Michele Coleman

2.       Make sure your artistic ideas and the bakeries artistry match. For example, we specialize in classic cakes and clean-cut lines. We don’t do topsy turvy or crazy over the top cakes. Every cake artist has a unique style. Make sure you research your future bakery, look at all their work. If you are happy with their finished product and touches then you should consider them, if not then consider they may not be the artists to create your wedding cake.

Photo Credit: Ramona Nicolae Photography

Photo Credit: Ramona Nicolae Photography

3.       Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Please, please we do our best to explain everything, but if you have a question ask it. Wedding cakes are way more intricate and complex than people think. There is architecture, decoration, different terminology and techniques. Don’t leave your tasting feeling like you have no idea what you just invested in.

Photo Credit: Ramona Nicolae Photography

Photo Credit: Ramona Nicolae Photography

4.       Trust us. Right next to being comfortable with the bakery you choose, please trust us. Everyone is gifted with a talent and belongs to a profession. Ours is cake making, if we recommend a different idea, placement, or style please trust that we have your best interest at hand and are committed to your happiness. We will never undermine you or disregard you (that would be extremely unprofessional and rude) but we do ask that you trust our expertise

Photo Credit: Art By Maria Daskalis

Photo Credit: Art By Maria Daskalis

So, there you have it. We think these are some awesome guidelines to choosing the right baker for your special day and making sure you cut into the cake of your dreams.


We have been itching at the chance to write this blog. This couple is one that we have been honored  to be a part of so many memories in their relationship.

Timothy Kipp called the store to purchase a chocolate cake for his girlfriends birthday, as it was the first time they were celebrating her birthday together and he wanted to get her something special.

2 years later he came to us to assist him in proposing to the woman of his dreams. He wanted to do something special and we had a great idea. Together we planned a styled engagement photo shoot and he convinced his soon to be bride that they were just models that were chosen. We found a venue, a photographer, florist, and even jewelry.

See the pictures below of how amazing the whole proposal came out!!!! Mekenzie was completely surprised and shocked to find out that this whole “Styled shoot” was none other than her very own proposal.

Shout out to the awesome vendors that made this day happen

Venue: Wildhorse at Parkers Farm
Hair and Makeup: Dolly
Flowers: Dave Bryant Designer
Jewelry: Ash Hoffman Jewelry

1 year after that, we received a call that we where to make the wedding cake. When we think about it our hearts swell. We have been honored to provide cakes for their most important moments.

As firefighters in our local community it was an opportunity to share the love in more ways than one. The wedding was beautiful and simple, with baby's breath,blush and pink flowers, and lace. The cake was a three tier buttercream frosted cake. Filled with flavors like our signature red velvet cream cheese, vanilla coffee, and chocolate chocolate. We complemented the simplicity of the textured buttercream with hand made sugar flowers.

There is nothing we love more that the moment a new bride and groom cut into our cakes and make memories together. See pictures below of this super sweet and memorable day!

Planning the Perfect Wedding Dessert Bar

If we asked you to name something you would expect to find at a wedding reception, cake would probably top the list. Images of multi-tiered, buttercream-covered elegance certainly come to our minds when a couple schedules a consultation with us to discuss wedding plans, but cake is just one of many ways to treat your wedding guests to something special.

We know you want to wow your guests with an experience that is unique to you and your wedding day. For that reason, we offer a variety of dessert catering options.  One of our favorite ways to get creative is with a wedding dessert bar.

Dessert bars are completely customizable and can feature a wide variety of delectable flavors. Your guests will love sampling a selection and choosing their favorites.

Dessert bars also feature convenient individual servings that your guests can grab at will. Your cake cutting is a big deal, but a dessert bar keeps everyone happy as they salivate with anticipation (think of it as a dessert appetizer).

When designing a dessert bar, some couples choose to include a traditional multi-tiered cake, while others skip a cake entirely. Regardless of how you slice it (cake pun intended), dessert bars are primarily made up deliciously sweet, self-serve options…

  • Individual cakes – These are multi-layered cupcakes that rival the elegance of a full-size cake.  
  • Cupcakes
  • Cake Pops
  • Cookies
  • Macaroons
  • Whoopie Pies
  • Eclairs

And if you really want to up the fun factor, let us introduce you to our latest dessert bar obsession… desserts on a stick. Yes, you read that right. Dessert on a stick is fun and oh so easy to eat since it only requires one hand… #winning.

  • Cake pops & Cake Kabobs – We love cake pops! They can be virtually any flavor or color, and they make such a festive display. If you want to impress guests with something even more creative, we recommend cake kabobs. Kabobs feature up to three different cake flavors, and they are just as easy to eat!
  • Pie on a Stick – Pie on a stick is adorable, delicious and perfectly suited for wedding receptions with a rustic vibe. 
  • Crispy Treats on a Stick – This timeless treat can take on virtually any form. And when you carry it on a stick, you can kiss sticky fingers goodbye.

A single cake makes an elegant impression, but variety is the spice of life! Desserts can be customized in any number of ways to suit your color scheme or wedding theme, and desserts can also be displayed in creative ways (colorful vases, vintage cake plates, etc.). 

Your wedding should be a unique reflection of you and your love story, and a dessert bar is an incredible way to express personal style… So treat your wedding guests to something special. They’ll be talking about it long after the last song plays.

Dessert Catering by Pink pineapple Cakes

Planning a Myrtle Beach wedding? Pink Pineapple Cakes is located in Surfside Beach, and our team is equipped to deliver to most Grand Strand locations. We would love to help you design a cake or plan a dessert bar! We are open by appointment only. Please call us today at 843-712-1757 to schedule a complimentary consultation.