Sugar Cookie Invitations

A couple of weeks ago we had a sweet mommy to be come to the store to order sugar cookies. Immediately Kate and I assumed they were for the baby shower

She surprised us by saying that the cookies where being hand delivered with the invitations!


This is the stuff of romance baby novels if there ever was such a thing.

She had with her the invitation and asked us to work the beautiful florals into the design of the decorated sugar cookies.

Floral Invitations Inspiration

Our chefs worked their magic and created the most beautiful hand painted sugar cookies with roses, to complement the invitations perfectly.

People often ask us where our inspiration for design comes from. Most people show up to the store with Pinterest boards of cakes and treats they would like replicated, but often the best work comes when our chefs are given total creative control, and supplied with inspiration from items like invitations, florals, clothing, plates, artwork, venues, and so many more things.

I don’t know about you but if I was personally handed a beautiful invitation with a sweet cookie you better believe I would send my RSVP in a heartbeat!

Floral Handpainted Sugar Cookies