How to

If You Give Kate A Cookie

First, she will eat it all….

No seriously, if you have been to one of our Pop Up Shops or asked Kate about our cookies, the likelihood that you have been informed about our chocolate chip cookies is like 10,000%

Mainly because they are Kate and my favorite treat! When chef feels like telling us she loves us she whips up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and we find them daintily sitting on our desks in the morning.

I know now you wished you worked here, and that you boss or business partner was that cool.

So I pulled some BIG strings and got you the recipe. (Yes you may clap now)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe by Pink Pineapple Cakes

Pink Pineapple’s Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 Tbsp unsalted butter

1/3 c granulated sugar

½ c brown sugar, lightly packed

3 Tbsp honey

2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 tsp butterscotch or vanilla- butternut flavor, optional

½ tsp espresso powder

¾ tsp salt

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp baking powder

1 Tbsp cider vinegar

1 large egg

2 c all purpose flour

2 to 2/3 c semisweet chocolate chips 



1.     Preheat the oven to 350°F. Lightly grease (or line with parchment) two baking sheets.

2.     In a large bowl, beat together the butter, sugars, honey, vanilla, espresso powder, butter-rum flavor, salt, baking powder, and baking soda until smooth.

3.     Beat in the vinegar and egg.

4.     Weigh your flour; you'll find its weight by toggling to ounces or grams at the top of the ingredient section above. Or measure it by gently spooning it into a cup, then sweeping off any excess.

5.     Stir the flour into the cookie dough, then the chocolate chips, mixing just until combined. Start with 2 cups chocolate chips, adding up to an additional 2/3 cup if you like your chocolate chip cookies really "chippy."

6.     Drop the dough, by tablespoonfuls, onto the prepared baking sheets. A  tablespoon cookie scoop works well here. Want to make smaller cookies? A teaspoon cookie scoop will yield about 6 dozen 2" cookies.

7.     Bake the cookies for 10 to 11 minutes (9 to 10 minutes for smaller cookies), until their bottoms are barely starting to brown (gently lift one up to peek). They may appear quite light and "undone;" that's OK, you want them to stay soft, so don't over-bake. Also, if you're using a darker cookie sheet without parchment, they'll probably need to bake for a slightly shorter time.

8.     Remove the cookies from the oven, and allow them to cool for 10 minutes before transferring them to a rack to cool completely.

9.     Store cookies, well wrapped in plastic, at room temperature for several days; freeze for longer storage.

So there you have it folks, we just reached a new level of friendship.

Also friends don’t let friends make messes in the kitchen so if you are ever in a pinch and need a cookie fix you can head over to our online store and place an order.

Kate and I won’t mind AT ALL.

Mommy you OWN a company?

I’ve owned a company for almost 8 years. Four of those I have had children. Is running a company easy?


add children to that mix and it makes the task seem enormous.

I am asked a lot about how I balance children, marriage, self-growth, and running a company. ( mainly by my staff who wonder how it all gets done) So I decided to sit down and share some of the most and sometimes painful lessons I have learned while being a momepreneur ( yes for those who are not millennials that is a real term)

1.       Set up your priorities.

Before kids’ life was easy. I literally only worried about my marriage, the business, and myself…Enter the two little bundles of joy and priorities went out of the window. I will admit with great pain that for several years I continued to push the business before the kids in some cases. I missed countless family Saturdays, dinner times, and holiday parties. All because mom had to be at the bakery. Yet there was a moment when suddenly something hit me. Kids come before the Business. (I know that sounds like a no brainer but thanks for the extension of grace) Once I sat down and made the decision that I would be a present and happy mom both my children and my business began to flourish. Go figure, right?

2.       Let your Yes be Yes, and your No be No.

One of the hardest pills I had to swallow was this one. Sitting down and making my decisions consciously was almost impossible for a people pleaser like myself. I want to be available for all who need me, but the truth is. I can’t be at EVERYTHING. I have to be completely solid and content with the opportunities, responsibilities, and projects I take on. If I say yes it’s because I have thought about it and it what you are asking for aligns with my priorities and time schedule. If I say no, first that was incredibly hard for me to do and secondly it’s because it simply did not align.

3.       Time management (enter sick emoji)

ok ladies….. with children…… is it just me or do our clocks NOT have 24 hours in them! Thanks to my new best friends Rachel Hollis and Chritsy Right I have learned that time management is not something you are born with, and it is definitely something that you have to practice and work on. It involves the 2 prior mentioned items. You have to schedule according to your priorities and be ok with sometimes saying no. For example, I only work every other Saturday. Sometimes no Saturdays, simply because those are family days. Reserved for cuddling and adventures with my husband and kids. I don’t work late hours at the store because it’s important for me to put my babies to bed and pray with them. I only got to networking events I want to go to, and I rarely work holidays because I rather be at home with my family having get together s.

4.       Let the kids be involved.

My children know exactly what I do, and they love that mom owns a business. They love that I am intentional when I’m with them, but they respect when it’s time for me to work because they have seen, felt, touched, and lived what mom does. Don’t be ashamed of what you do. For example…. It’s mothers day weekend. I am at work because we have three wedding deliveries. But I spent the entire morning with my babies. As I got ready to leave I told them there where three beautiful brides waiting for mommy’s cakes. My son got so excited and asked me to see pictures of the cakes. As I walked out he said “ Bye Mommy, go deliver the cakes to the pretty brides and we’ll meet you at the pool”

If you are a mom that runs a business welcome to the club of amazing women. If you are feeling guilt, it’s time to let it go. I wish I had said goodbye to guilt 3 years ago. Everything about my life is filled with so much joy and love now that I chose to follow these basic rules.

Thank you to all the Mommies that are and have been a part of our Pink Pineapple Family.

Mercedes Fuenmayor, Guillermina Fuenmayor, Beverly Jones, Heidi Hennen, Ashley Delval, Jamie Isabelle, Camille Bonnell.

And Off course my own mom Chef Aura!