Life lessons


Dear Richard,


First, I miss you so much.

I think about you almost daily.

I wish you could see what the company is now.

I had a memory come up on Facebook yesterday.


First time ever on TV. If you would have told me then we would end up flying to California to shoot an episode of a food network television show. I would have laughed at that unrealistic dream.

But alas we did.

If I could just write a list of all that has been accomplished since that very day. Richard Brooks you would be so proud.

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I clearly remember your pride that day. I came back to the store to find you sitting in your normal chair smile brimming from ear to ear.



From day one, in our first storefront you where there. You taught me how to do an excel spreadsheet, how to price our products, how to run and read profit and loss statements. You could have easily let me log into QuickBooks and figure it out but nope you made me learn it without the help of a program. You said I had to learn the “why and the how of the details”

Every day for 6 hours a day you sat next to me. Filling taxes? You where there, handling customers? You where there, placing orders and tracking inventory? You where there.

And you stayed there for the next 3 years. You stayed until the day we lost you.

You where my biggest cheerleader, and the one that pushed me past my comfort zone, handed me tissues when I cried, and broke into prayer regardless of what we where doing when we needed it.

One of my favorite things you used to say when we got busy was “Look at it’s almost like you are a real business” we are 4 years removed from the last time you sat in your chair next to me and looking back at all that we have accomplished makes me teary eyed with the pride I know you would be feeling.

We changed the business to by appointment only placing our family first.

We have an incredible social media presence that you would not understand but would be proud of

We competed on The Food Network

We have been on local television countless times

We budget monthly

Our profit and loss started showing profits

I can do everything you taught me in a three-hour block and daily 14 minutes segments

We have made cakes that would make you go wow

We have systems and processes that run the entire company

Our onboarding process for customers would make you want more coffee in a good way

We have built an incredible company that is known not only for its cakes but for our bright and jubilant personality



You would love what we have become, always striving to make us better off course because that is what you did. And I love you so much for it.


Thank you for your patience, kindness, tough love, and believe in me when I was just a little baby entrepreneur.



Love You

Your number 1 Grand