Rachel Hollis

Look in the Mirror, What Do You See!

Last week I attended Rachel Hollis’ Rise Weekend.

Rise Dallas CEO of Pink Pineapple Rebeca Kipp

I was only able to attend for one day out of the three-day conference.

But within the first 30 minutes my life had changed forever.

I attended Embrace your Present a Health and Wellness day. Rachel Hollis started the day by giving us The 10 Body Commandments.

Commandment number 5 was

“You shall compliment something about yourself EVERY TIME you look in the Mirror”



She told us it would be hard, she said of all the 10 this one was one of the hardest. She didn’t lie.

That very same day I went to the bathroom countless times and walked by a mirror.

Did I stop? Did I look at myself?

The answer is no.

As I lay in bed that night completely overwhelmed with emotions and processing everything, I learned that day one thought crossed my mind.

I am completely invisible to myself.

How did I walk past probably 30 mirrors that day and not see my own reflection?

I couldn’t wait. I got home and stood in front of my mirror in my closet. Josh probably thought I was crazy, I stood there for probably 30 minutes.

Looking at myself.

Looking at my face, my arms, legs, tummy, stretch marks, back, all of it. I took it all in slightly terrified and I forced myself.

What do I see?


I had not looked at myself in 4 years. After Christopher was born, I remember doing the same thing but instead I was looking at the body of a freaking beast! I remember being so extremely proud of it. Of how it grew a healthy human, of how my legs and feet carried all that weight, of how it was slowly but surely healing and finding it’s new normal. I remember feeling the stretch marks and knowing they where hard won.

But this day I was looking at a shell, just an outer skin. I saw a tired body, unkempt from lack of exercise and spark. My skin looked duller, my face more worn, my eyes seemed to be so far removed from my spirit and who I am.

But finally, I forced myself, I looked until I couldn’t look anymore and decided I had to find one thing.

Just one.

What did I see?

My shoulders!

My untouched sun kissed shoulders.

Then I took it a step further. Why do you like them, what do they do? The only thing that came to my mind is “well they are my babies chin rests” When I carry my children that is where they place their heads, and I can hear their soft breath in my ears, and I love it. I love that I am strong enough to be able to hold them. And that my shoulders are a place that my children find comfort.

So I in turn as you the same thing, what do you see in the mirror? What part of your body would you see as beautiful? What part of your body are you proud of? If you stand in front of the mirror and see something amazing post it in the comments. And believe me you will.

Be Disliked

“Have the courage to be disliked”

We came across this quote a couple of days ago and it flabbergasted us.

 The power in it,

The audacity to be bold.

Our CEO Rebeca and our team have been in a deep dive towards working on themselves and on the company. The further we get into our pool of growth, the more we are looking around and the more we are seeing small businesses and women cowering in the shadows of who they where made to be.

We want to encourage you all to go, jump into your dreams, accept that you won’t be for everyone and that some people will try to stand in your way. But you know, if you have the courage to be disliked by those that aren’t for you. It releases you to spend your energy, power, and love on those that are. The moment you begin to live in the power of chasing your dreams the haters will get out of your way.

If you don’t think the quote above is powerful enough for you how about this one….


That’s right it’s none of your business.

 The moment we accepted that in our business our whole countenance changed. Suddenly the people we are serving are our ideal clients, we are being able to produce the cakes that bring us ultimate joy.

The haters? Well they are still around, but they are less visible in the shadow of our courage, and passion, and steadfastness towards our goals.

So this is our LOUD call to all the women out there.

Have the courage to be disliked at the daycare pick up because you are a busy business owning mom

Have the courage to be disliked when you have to make tough calls

Have the courage to be disliked when success starts coming to you and the jealousy is raging in others.

Their opinions don’t count anyway.

You do you boo.