Top 4 Trendiest Cakes

Just about anything can inspire your cake design, yes we know, pinterest is everything. But, we have found our best and most trendy cakes come alive when a customer says, “Can you make it look sort of something like this,” and next thing we know we have a invite, or a napkin, or even a article of clothing in our hand.  

Here are Pink Pineapple Cakes trendiest cakes to look out for:

  1. Mermaid + Unicorn Cakes

You’ve seen them before and you will see them again! What can we say? The kids LOVE them (and some adults too). Our tip on making yours stand out at your next party, order it as a ‘pinata’ cake. It will wow the kids and the adults.

2. Drip Cakes

This may or may not be our favorite trend right now. Not only does a simple drip add elegance to a cake, but it adds taste! A simple plain chocolate drip on a cake or a colorful drip, we are here for it!

3. Overstuffed Toppings on a Cake

Meringues, and flowers, and candy! Oh my! Just to name a few of our favorite toppings you’ve seen stuffed on top of our cakes. Many bakers have gone as crazy as putting a slice of cake... on top of a cake! We love it, it allows the Chef to get super creative, and the customer to be wowed.

4. Cake Trend Prediction… Upside Down Drip.

Yup, we said it, upside down drip. This cake will be all over the gram and Pinterest in no time. A Chef can make an upside down drip go two ways when decorating a cake, giving an event more elegance, or turning the party all the way up!