grooms cake

Grooms Cakes? We got it!

When deciding on this blog post topic, and scrolling through our personal library of cakes we came across the cake pictured below. It is by far the largest cake we have ever made for a groom, and we LOVE it soooo much.

Clemson Fondant Cooler Cake by Pink Pineapple Cakes

Immediately Kate and I started going down memory lane and discussing all our other grooms’ cakes. Then it hit us. We have found a large group of people that don’t know what a groom’s cake is, or what tradition it represents, in this blog we will answer some of the most common questions we get about this cake.

 So, without further ado….

We present to you tHE GROOMS CAKE….. (bows head like Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast)

What is a groom’s cake, and where did the tradition start?

The tradition began in England, as the grooms cakes usually had stronger flavors like chocolate, alcohol, and spices. Thought to be more suited for the male, where Bridal cakes tended to display the lighter fruitier flavors.

The groom’s cake is usually a gift from the bride to her beloved as a token of appreciation and love. (Now isn’t that sweet!)

When is it served?

The grooms cake tends to be served at the Rehearsal dinner as the dinner is usually planned by the groom’s family and tends to honor the groom. On occasion the Grooms cake is served along with the Bridal cake as the flavors can very well complement each other.

How do I decorate the cake?

This is the fun part! Since it’s for the groom you can do just about anything. You can pay homage to his Alma matter, favorite sport team, hobbies, talents, profession. We have had brides choose to incorporate a special memory between the two of them or represent the groom’s heritage.

So there you have it. A little history, a little romance, and a whole lot of cake!