WHat does european Style Bakery mean?

What does "European Style Bakery" mean? It means that all of our baked goods are hand crafted to perfection using natural ingredients and natural production. We strive to always use the finest, freshest ingredients, such as fresh eggs, real butter, pure vanilla and fresh whipping cream.   

In a European Style Bakery, bigger is not always better nor is sweeter always tastier. A European Style Bakery utilizes portion control to deliver the perfect size pastry with the perfect measure of sweetness that's sure to put a smile on your face.


Our chef’s standards are exceptionally high. Only the highest quality pastries and baked goods are allowed to leave the kitchen. If the baked good or pastry isn’t absolutely impeccable, our chef will not let it out of her kitchen, guaranteed.  

In our European Style Bakery, the chef is held to a higher standard—so our pastries and baked goods are expected to meet a higher standard. Therefore, you can enjoy delectable pastries and baked goods in a warm and friendly setting that you are sure to enjoy time and time again.